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These links guide you to a page that summarizes each type of coverage, where you can obtain application forms or submit a request for a brochure and a no-obligation rate quote.

TEMPORARY  HEALTH  INSURANCE - Short Term Health Insurance for people between jobs, new/recent U.S. Graduates, etc.

INTERNATIONAL  STUDENT  HEALTH  INSURANCE - for International University Students & International Graduate Students in the USA

TRAVEL  MEDICAL  INSURANCE - Long or Short Term Health Insurance for people who travel abroad and for International visitors

U.S.  STUDENT  STUDY  ABROAD  INSURANCE - for U. S. students who study abroad (short term & long term)

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3. We will not share, give, sell, or otherwise disseminate any information you provide (including your e-mail address)
      with anyone other than the insurance company/administrator who will issue your policy.

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Waste Management Regulations for Your Insurance Business

27/10/2018 - Laura Fergus Waste Management Regulations

What is Waste Management?

Waste management involves the activities related to handling waste materials in terms of collecting, transportation, processing, recycling, and disposing. Every business, including insurance enterprises, has to put proper waste management regulations in place.

Importance of Waste Management

Waste management is important since it can make or break your business. Insurance business is a tough yet lucrative venture. Thus, it’s important to take care of every detail the business needs—waste management is not an exemption. Waste can be hazardous to the environment and can turn off potential clients; hence, it is vital to adopt proper waste management regulations in order to protect the environment from pollution and promote sanitation. This has led to rise of dumpster rental Evansville IN services that help businesses implement proper waste management practices. Here are more reasons to pay attention to your waste management system properly:

Cost Effective

Waste management is important since it can make or break your business. When you properly manage your waste, you will have a huge amount of material to reuse, and this can be a cost-effective way to manage waste. Plus, poor waste management practices can just lead to further financial strain.

Enhance Your Business Reputation

Implementing good waste management practices can enhance your business reputation. If your waste management practices are seriously inefficient, and the customers can see it with their eyes how badly your waste management system needs some work, this can harm the way clients see you. Even if you have a good set of insurance policies and other aspects of your business are doing well, you should still ensure that even the little details are covered.  If you are into promoting total customer satisfaction, you should take care of all necessary facets accordingly.

Energy Efficient

Recycling is a great way to save and produce more energy. Your business can maximize this. For instance, it is possible to get combustion fuel for heating when we recycle waste products. Especially if your utility consumption is continually getting on the rise, you’re free to maximize this method and further cut costs.

It Promotes Workplace Safety

Reusing and recycling your business waste is important as it makes the workplace safe for employees and customers. Waste can lead to illnesses that should be avoided at all costs.  

Legal Requirements

Nowadays, there are sets of regulations that govern waste disposal in order to ensure less environmental impact. These systems set out direction on how to deal with the various types of waste. As an insurance business, you need to comply accordingly with all the regulations to ensure a smooth operation.

Waste Management Regulations

Basically, there are different types of wastes including household waste, packaging waste as well as electronic waste. The method of disposal depends on the type of waste.

Waste management regulations help to reduce the impact on the environment. Waste such as plastic can be harmful to the environment as they emit toxic substances like dioxins when burnt. Also, incinerating waste may produce harmful gases, thus resulting to acid rain. It is for these reasons that the EU and other countries have come up with regulations to deal with disposal of waste and broadcast them to all businesses, including insurance firms.


Recycling and reusing are an effective way of saving resources, reducing the environmental impact and energy used as well as saving money. It is your duty to ensure that your business handles waste properly and within the stipulated law. This will not only protect the environment but is also beneficial to your business.

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Types of Insurance Graphic Designers Need

27/10/2018 - Laura Fergus Insurance for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are very much in demand these days as the internet has pushed visuals to play a very huge role in marketing and advertising. Whether you own a graphic design company or work as a freelance graphic designer, you need to have some sort of insurance to protect you from various situations. Here are the types of insurance policies that you should consider having if ever you’re in this field.

Commercial Property Insurance

This is a staple that all graphic design studios (or any business office for that matter) should have. Basically, it covers your property and all of its contents in the event of fortuitous events such as fire, theft, flood, and other disasters. Not only will it pay for all the expenses for repairs and replacements, but it will also cover the fixed and variable costs that the business has while the repairs and replacements are happening (e.g. rent expense, employee salary, temporary relocation cost).

Home Office Insurance

If you’re a freelance graphic designer that works at home, you may think that a normal home insurance will suffice. However, there are some pieces of equipment in your home (like that big Brother printer/scanner/copier machine) that the home insurance can’t really cover. So another option would be to get a home office insurance. This is similar to typical business property insurance, but it has a much lower premium. It is also higher than regular home insurances as it covers business equipment. If you do see yourself working as a freelance graphic designer at home for a long time, this is a great policy to get.

Graphic Designer Professional Liability Insurance

The graphic designer professional liability insurance is strictly for graphic designers and targets the needs of graphic designers when it comes to protection and business coverage. So what exactly do you need insurance for as a graphic designer? First of all, if ever you were negligent in your work or if you made some mistake with the artwork of your client, you can cover any liability costs should the client decide to take legal action. Another reason for getting this insurance would be if ever another artist sues you for copyright infringement of sorts. These types of cases would usually escalate up to civil courts depending on how far the artist would want to go.

The graphic designer professional liability insurance would pay for all of the legal fees and court fees that you may incur with these encounters. The insurance policy will also pay for the legal representation and lawyer fees that you’ll need to shell out in order to defend yourself in court.

This is probably by far the most important of all insurance policies because it protects you from some of the most common problems encountered by graphic designers. In fact, these insurance policies are widely offered in the graphic design market in Singapore and other countries where graphic design is a widely popular career. This has lead to the rise of some excellent UI/UX designing services in Singapore itself.


Being a graphic designer isn’t all rosy especially if you’re self-employed.  As a designer, you may have the chance of facing some challenges such as the legal kind or the disastrous kind in your career. That’s why it’s very important to have a good blanket of insurance to cover any related  

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Are CBD Oil and Marijuana Covered by Your Insurance Plan?

28/09/2018 - Laura Fergus Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has been a hot topic of debate everywhere, especially with the substance recently gaining traction and support from the public.  It was not too long ago when multiple states ruled the use of medical marijuana legal, seemingly granting patients that need the product, in any of its forms such as powders, tinctures, or CBD oils, the privilege to use it whenever they need to.

However, the usage of medical marijuana and its inclusion in typical health insurance plans are two entirely different things. While patients can no longer be jailed for using the substance, or any form of it, for purposes of treatment, there is no guarantee that they can do so without a worry in their mind regarding insurance.

What medicine and treatments your health insurance plans cover is typically up to you to decide. With normal, everyday plans all you have to do is choose the most important and relevant to your needs. You can then enroll in the plan. It is as easy as that.

Once you have selected, and even enrolled in a health insurance plan, you will be given additional information. If you look closer, you will discover that both generic and brand-name products are usually taken care of by your plan.

However, things are not quite as simple for patients who need a plan that covers medical marijuana – and all its forms such as CBD oil. This is a cause for concern seeing as medical marijuana – particularly CBD oil (or cannabidiol), which is simply a form of marijuana that provides patients the benefits of the drug without the side effect of a high – has become such a popular way to alleviate injuries and diseases. Thus, more and more people are using it every day. This just means that more and more people are struggling to figure out ways to get health care coverage for their medical needs.

Why patients everywhere are being denied the basic right to attend to their needs in the best possible way is not difficult to understand. This practice is still ongoing simply because cannabis use – whether medical or recreational – is still illegal under federal law. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why both big and small health insurance companies are avoiding any involvement in the provision of healthcare insurance for patients currently using medical marijuana.

Moreso that in choosing which medicines to cover, health insurance businesses typically put time and money into ensuring that the drugs and treatments they cover are clinically researched. Medical marijuana is still lacking in this area, as many of its documented success comes from personal testimonies and scientific studies instead of concrete clinical reports.

If you look closely, the FDA has approved medicines containing ingredients that come from marijuana in the past. However, what is important to keep in mind is that, for legal reasons, health insurance companies cannot provide insurance for medicine that is yet to be approved under federal law.

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The Older Americans' Guide to Homeowners Insurance

09/09/2018 - Laura Fergus Home Insurance

When people plan to retire, they usually look for ways to minimize their expenses. One way to effectively cut the expense down is through the homeowner's insurance. Your home is probably the most expensive investment that you have in your lifetime. Thus, disposing of or selling your home indiscriminately is not the best move. We at Champion Insurance will be giving you tips on evaluating Homeowner's Insurances and how older Americans can take advantage of them.

So how do you evaluate your insurance and cut the cost at the same time? Here are some of the methods that you can use.

Up to date

Is your insurance up to date? It is best to speak with your insurance broker annually. By doing this, you can avoid being under-insured. Let your insurance broker know about everything that you added to your home that could increase its value. This includes the contents and any new structure you have added to your house. You should also make sure to update the insurance policy regularly. Otherwise, the added structure and features to your home will not be covered. It is also best to have separate insurance policies for your land and your building.

Premium Notices

It is best to sign up for premium notices if you do not have anyone close to you to remind you of due dates. Retirees usually do not have a mortgage to back them up financially. Plus, most cheap homeowners insurance premiums are no longer paid through an escrow account. Furthermore, it is easy to forget to pay the bill on time. It is, therefore, best to have premium notices sent directly to the homeowner's address. Failure to pay on time can cause you to pay extra fees or canceled insurances.

Liability Coverage

Make sure to check the liability coverage of your insurance. You should make sure all your family members are protected against bodily injuries and property damages. When you increase the coverage of your home, the value of your property also increases as well.

Do Not Cancel

Most people would cancel their insurances, especially those who were not able to make a claim. They cancel at the moment they pay off their mortgage.  Most people tend to forget that a house greatly increases one's net worth.

Umbrella Insurance

You should consider getting a personal coverage for liability that is equal to your net worth or more. A retiree should forget not to have protection for himself. Most of these retirees would be hiring helpers or carers. It is not uncommon for some to take advantage of their employers. You should also buy coverage for your items as well as jewelry. These things can easily get stolen or damaged thus it is best to be covered beforehand.

Thinking about spending less money can sometimes lead to spending more in the future. Cutting costs is not always about spending less money. It is also about investing your money the right way.

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Who is Behind the Prize?

10/07/2017 - Laura Fergus Prize Insurance

Why do you think there are TV shows who can offer more than $1 million worth of prizes weekly? Have you ever wondered how your local institutions can have a house-and-lot as a prize?

These amazing prizes are typically insured by Champion Insurance, one of the leading promotional insurance providers who can tailor and insure state-of-the-art events and promotions. Champion Insurance boasts their tools and their capability to control a prize regardless of your budget. We are confident with our creativity in utilizing the promotional insurance.

If you weren't aware, promotion insurance lets you control the overall cost of promotional activities. It serves as a form of risk management, which put a limitation on the potential payout through Prize Insurance.

We got you covered when it comes to running a spectacular insured promotion. We offer everything you'll need to have a success and effective event such as pre-draw solutions, draw technology, terms and conditions, permits and so on.

What Sets Us Apart From Others?

It's now possible that low budget events can provide huge and awesome prices like Porsche Car, high-value jewelry or $1 million cash. Trusting Champion Insurance greatly helps you organize your event and prize. We truly understand that the ‘Wow' factor that comes with the prize can distinguish a great promotion from those which are not.

Who Should Get It?

Games and promotions are good tools to build your brand's reputation and invite new customers. It can also give way to financial risks. Now, Champion Insurance offers promotional insurance which aims to help and guard off your client from these possible risks. We are also offering your insurance business a lucrative product.

With decades of insuring lots of games and promotions and comprehensive portfolio of contingency insurance, we know we can give the best insurance policy for all types of events and clients. Our team is known for their experience, expertise, and service. They are quick in developing creative, unique and budget-friendly promotions which accurately support the brand and business objectives of the client.

Enjoy a risk-free promotion

Want to run a promotion and take on zero risks with your end cost? If so, it's best to find the most reliable partner. Champion Insurance will absorb all possible risk which might come along the way.

We are now in an era where competition in the market is tougher than ever. To stay on top of the competition, you must be wise in your promotional strategies. It is not easy to draw attention especially since more and more people are getting critical with the products and services they purchase. To succeed in increasing brand awareness, you have to focus on the big things. Leave risk management and promotional insurance to the experts.

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